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Elaine D., User for 22 years.
“I use pptXTREME daily, in my work as a presentation graphics designer/operator for large corporate events. It is an invaluable tool for my productivity, and saves my time and sanity!”
Allison C., User for 19 years.

“When I start a job with pptXTREME in my arsenal, the job’s already half done. PowerPoint is pointless without them.”

Willy D., User for 22 years.

“Once you work with pptXTREME, you can’t go back. Their tools are easy to use, intuitive, and just plain indispensable. I can’t image working without them.”

Jonathan P., User for 23years.

“… there’s not a day that goes by that I work in PPT and don’t use it.I’m utterly dependent on it and it has given me back hours of time savings and has allowed me to do more complex things in PPT than without it.”

Margaret G., User for 19 years.

“I first tried the pptXTREME set of tools on the recommendation of a friend. They quickly went from a helpful curiosity to a serious time-saver. I can’t imagine producing a show without them.”

Paul C., User for 21 years.

pptXTREME offers time-saving tools that allow me to work more efficiently when programming PowerPoint. The Effects Library has been a great time saver for me and I just want to say ‘thank you’ for making it available.”

Michael B., User for 21 years.

“I normally don’t get too excited about software add-ins, but pptXTREME is the true exception. The time saved is immeasurable. Worth every penny and a necessity to anyone who uses PowerPoint.”

Stephen H., User for 23years.

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