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When I start a job with pptXTREME in my arsenal, the job’s already half done. PowerPoint is pointless without them.

– Willy Devlin, Senior Designer

Once you work with pptXTREME, you can’t go back. Their tools are easy to use, intuitive, and just plain indispensable. I can’t image working without them.

– Jonathan Penzner, Owner

Hands down the most functional set of tools for PowerPoint production. The Color Picker alone has saved valuable time harmonizing colors for my designs.

– Mark Anthony Mattucci, Graphic Designer

I find myself constantly using the whole collection of Edit tools to streamline existing PowerPoint tasks and improve my productivity. You don’t realize how much easier it is to deliver a great presentation until you have to use a PC without pptXTREME.

– Tom Fabyanski, Owner
Big Picture Productions

I normally don’t get too excited about software add-ins, but pptXTREME is the true exception. The time saved is immeasurable. Worth every penny and a necessity to anyone who uses PowerPoint.

– Stephen Hausler, Asst. VP/Creative Services
Long Island University


The Import/Export plug-in saves hours of time importing pictures and can help salvage badly produced presentations. I used it to bring a client’s 12-slide, 243 MB presentation that was crashing everyone’s computer down to 4MBs just by re-importing them to a new presentation.

– Marvin Bzura, Multimedia Producer
Marvin Bzura, Inc.

pptXTREME offers time-saving tools that allow me to work more efficiently when programming PowerPoint. The Effects Library has been a great time saver for me and I just want to say ‘thank you’ for making it available.

– Michael Berger, Principal
Critical Image Ltd.

The Photoshop Import feature saves hours. You’ll scream ‘Yes! Yes’ as you watch your Photoshop layers, rendered and in the correct positions, drop magically into your frame.

– Jonathan Penzner, Owner

I first tried the pptXTREME set of tools on the recommendation of a friend. They quickly went from a helpful curiosity to a serious time-saver. I can’t imagine producing a show without them.

– JPaul Canada, Graphic Designer/Show Operator
JPaul Canada, Inc.



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