Secrets to Memorable PowerPoint Presentations

memorable ppt

PowerPoint presentations have a reputation for being a little dry. Whether you’re an old pro or an excited newcomer, it’s still vitally important that you have something more for your audience than just a slideshow presentation. You have to engage your audience – and that means more than pretty design. It’s about how you sell yourself.

1)     Be Confident.

Audiences can smell sweat, and the last thing you want is for them to turn on you. Practice your presentation, stand tall, smile, and stay positive. The more you exercise your presentation, the better you’ll perform. So take the time to develop your presentation – and not just your PowerPoint – so you can stand up on the stage with vigor and panache, ready to blow them all away.

2)     Tell Stories

Everyone loves stories – and you’ve got an audience full of people desperate to be entertained. A great presentation isn’t an argument – it’s a narrative. You need to involve your audience emotionally; make them care about what you care about, give them something to sink their teeth into and connect with. Whether it’s an anecdote or an overarching narrative frame, people connect with stories in a way they don’t connect with graphs.

3)     Be Unexpected

If your presentation plays out like a paint-by-numbers, everyone will be in snoozeville before you’re halfway through. But a sharp twist – some unique turn that shatters their expectations – can keep an audience engaged and interested. Do deep research, and find something interesting and startling to revive a flagging crowd.

4)     End On Action

They’ve sat through your presentation, and you kept them on the edge of their seats. You were confident and determined, and you told a fascinating story with a thrilling and unexpected twist. You had them eating out of the palm of your hand – and then you just let them walk away? I think we both know better than that.

End your presentation with a call to action. Give your engaged, interested audience something they can do right away rather than letting them sit on the information and find reasons not to. They’re still excited – now hit them with how they can participate in the same story right now. Trust me. It works every time.

Now go out there and wow them!


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