Internet Explorer (Verbose)

It is recommended you use your default browser when installing pptXTREME

  1. If PowerPoint is open on your computer CLOSE it.
  2. Go to our download page:


  3. Click the Download button under Streamlined installer
    The bottom of the web page will show the Microsoft prompt:
  4. Click RUN
    The installer will check if your .NET requirement is met
    If it is not current, it will attempt to install .NET  version 4.5 automatically from the Microsoft web site.
    If your .NET install is current or it is done installing .NET, it will automatically download and attempt to run the pptXTREME installer.


  5. If the Internet Explorer download window does not automatically pop up Press CONTROL-J to bring up the Internet Explorer downloads window.


  6. Click RUN next to pptxtreme.exe


    pptXTREME will now download the installer package
    And run the installer:


  7. Follow the prompts on the installer.
    When finished you should see:
  8. Click Finish
  9. Launch PowerPoint
  10. Continue the instructions here: Installation/Activation of Products

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