New Features for 2015

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  • Re-written from the ground up for:
    • Office 2013 Support
    • 64-bit Office and Photoshop Support
      NOTE: Versions must match. i.e. If you use PowerPoint 64 bit, then you must use Photoshop 64 bit with Photoshop Import
    • Better reliability
    • Integration in PowerPoint Ribbon
    • Easier updates
  • Context Menus – common functions are added to the ‘right-click’ menu in PowerPoint for easy access.
  • All pptXTREME Products are now 1 download. Individual products are installed and licensed within the application.
  • New Licensing Menu – Registration codes for all products can be entered/pasted in at once.
  • Automatic Check for update (customize when to check in Options)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • CTRL-SHIFT-X – Shows the pptXTREME Ribbon
    • CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-X – Shows/Hides the pptX Shortcut Bar
    • CTRL-SHIFT-Y – Launch the last pptXTREME Command used.
    • CTRL-SHIFT-O – pptX Open Presentation
    • CTRL-SHIFT-S – pptX Save Presentation As
  • pptXTREME Shortcut Bar Toolbar:
    • All your pptXTREME tools easily accessible at all times
    • Fully Customizable
    • Hide/Show toolbar easily (click on 3 dots in the middle bottom of the toolbar)
  • Now every pptXTREME command can be undone (undo) on it’s own.
  • You can add a button to PowerPoint’s Quick Access toolbar by right-clicking on the command on the ribbon and selecting Add to Quick Access Toolbar
  • Open Presentation – skip the Backstage and 5 clicks to brows to a folder. Click the pptX Open and immediately browse to the last folder opened from.:
    • shortcut <CTRL>-O (disable the shortcut in OPTIONS)
  • pptX Save Presentation As – Skip the backstage view, and 4 clicks to save a presentation to your computer. Click pptX Save As and immediately browse (starting from last selected folder) to save presentation.:
    • Shortcut – <CTRL><SHIFT>S (disable the shortcut in OPTIONS)
  • OPTIONS – common dialog to change options and settings of all pptXTREME tools
  • Improved ToolTips
  • New Character Spacing tools
    • Increase or decrease character spacing with 1 click, while seeing feedback
    • Hold SHIFT to increase the amount of change
  • New Line Spacing Tools
    • Increase or decrease line spacing with 1 click, while seeing feedback
    • Hold SHIFT to increase the amount of change
  • Full Frame-Hold Shift to Keep Proportions
  • BWMode revamped to be a Task Pane Form that can be docked in the PowerPoint interface
  • Show Pic and BG Path dialog allows for copying and finding the file in Windows Explorer
  • Import pictures includes
    • New sizing options
    • Import to Placeholders-select a master with Picture placeholders and pptXTREME will use that master and placeholder to size and position images
  • New Function in MoreIE Menu-Replace all pictures in Presentation
  • Form tracks position of mouse
  • Web Color string is copied to clipboard, so you can paste in other applications (i.e. Photoshop)
  • Pick Shadow will change the Font Shadow if there is Text selected
  • Pick color from anywhere on your screen (not just on the PowerPoint slide) (including other windows and the Thumbnail view)
  • Option (in options menu) to have the color dialog NOT track with the cursor
  • New Transparency tool:
    • Increase and decrease the transparency of selected objects fill (including all gradient colors) or font (if your shape has text) with a single click.
    • Hold SHIFT to decrease the increment of change
  • Notes:
    • When setting format the system will automatically detect for aligning the shape to the slide page format – TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight, Center and apply this setting to any page format you add a note to.
    • Add note will now work if you select a slide from the sorter Pane in Normal view
  • Support for CS6 and CC both 32 and 64 bit:
    • NOTE: 32 or 64 bit must match for Photoshop and PowerPoint. I.e. If you use PowerPoint 64 bit you must use Photoshop 64 bit – and the same for 32 bit.
  • New interface for easier navigation and selection of layers
  • Individually select settings for each layer (or all layers at once)
    • File type choice for export per layer (PNG, TIF, JPG or BKG)
      • BKG will export a JPG and apply to the PowerPoint slides Background
      • Note: if you have multiple layers selected as the background, only the Bottom-most BKG layer will be applied to the PowerPoint Slide (although they all will be exported)
  • Option whether or not to Trim (crop to transparent areas) of each layer
  • Option to GrowBounds for each layer
    • GrowBounds will increase the Photoshop canvas size before exporting so that if there is information on a layer that falls off of the page, that information will not get cropped
  • Option to import layers across multiple slides
  • Send PowerPoint Shapes to Photoshop Layers with 1 click
  • It is no longer required to have the PowerPoint or Photoshop file saved before you import.  It is still recommended you do so for safety.
  • Revamped interface integrated Task Pane docked in the PowerPoint Application
  • Bullet level effects are now included when applying

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