pptXTREME Cannot Connect to Photoshop

There may be a few different reasons that your pptXTREME Photoshop Import cannot connect to Photoshop. Here we will list possible solutions that have been successful for others. Please try them all in order (they are in order of what is most likely).

Please take notes (and screen captures) as you go along. In the rare occurrence, that none of these sequences fixes your issue, we will need this information to determine next steps.

  1. Make sure your versions match. If you are running PowerPoint 64 bit, then make sure you are using Photoshop’s 64 bit version. If you are running PowerPoint 32 bit, then make sure you are using Photoshop’s 32 bit version. (Windows x64 or x32 does not matter, just Office and Photoshop must match)
  2. Try the following sequence:
    • Close Photoshop and PowerPoint (make sure there are no hidden windows still open)
    • Start PowerPoint
    • DO NOT LAUNCH Photoshop manually, click the Photoshop Import tool from pptXTREME in PowerPoint.
      If Photoshop is not currently running, pptXTREME will launch it automatically, this is the best way to ensure you are attempting to use the properly matched versions of PowerPoint and Photoshop.
  3. REBOOT computer, then try sequence in #2 above again.
  4. Repair Photoshop Installation
    • Uninstall Photoshop
    • Reboot computer
    • Re-install Photoshop (make sure to match the bitness (32 or 64 bit) to match your Office Installation
    • Test Photoshop Scripting
      • Launch Photoshop
      • From the pull down menu choose File | Scripts | Image Processor
      • If the Image Processor opens, then scripting is working properly, you can close the window. (sometimes this function will automatically restore a previously nonworking scripting connection).
      • Exit Photoshop
      • Open PowerPoint
      • Launch pptXTREME Photoshop Import

If you have tried all the solutions above, and pptXTREME still cannot connect to Photoshop, please head over to this forum.


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