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XTREME Solutions for Common PowerPoint Problems

pptXTREME is the brainchild of visual solutions expert Keith Tromer, who spent over 25 years in corporate event production, with a specialization in graphic development. Having produced hundreds of events for Fortune 500 firms for his company Corporate Imaging, Keith knew first-hand the frustration of PowerPoint users. Many common and repetitive PowerPoint tasks that should be quick and easy actually require multiple steps that add time, effort, and frustration to the creative process.

There had to be a better way.

In order to make more efficient use of his time, Keith literally took matters into his own hands and developed pptXTREME—an innovative set of tools that bring speed, simplicity, and added functionality to many key PowerPoint features. These powerful plug-ins increase the productivity and creativity of anyone who uses PowerPoint at any skill level—from design professionals and corporate meeting departments to the casual PowerPoint user.

The ultimate goal of Keith and his development team is to continually expand the pptXTREME suite of tools, offering an ever increasing set of solutions to the PowerPoint community. For example, the 2015 upgrades add innovative time-saving shortcuts and new functionality that integrate seamlessly with the latest version of PowerPoint.

We think pptXTREME is a must-have for any PowerPoint user. But don’t just take our word for it.
Read what our clients have to say.

If you have any suggestions, need a custom tool for an issue you’re facing, or just want to share a cool tip or technique, let us know at wishlist@pptXTREME.com.


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