5 Tips to Increase Productivity When you Use Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office365

5 Tips to Increase Productivity When you Use Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office365

If you have ‘em, use ‘em.

If you make your living as a presentation professional you’re probably using Microsoft’s Office365 (PowerPoint 2013) and the Adobe CS suite of tools to create your designs and templates.

The most recent iterations of both software suites boast cloud services and productivity enhancements that can make sharing files, getting feedback and collaborating, both intuitive and simple.

My original intent was to make a side-by-side comparison of each offering’s strengths and weaknesses but it quickly became apparent that each has their own audience. I’ve discovered that I’ll use some features from each suite/service due to file format or end-user. Office365 is more conducive to collaboration with presenters and their handlers while Adobe’s file sharing capabilities are geared toward fellow artists and designers.

Today I’ll review Microsoft’s Office365…

I’m speaking to the presentation designers that know PowerPoint is a powerful tool and not an application sent by Beelzebub to destroy communication on Earth. I will not be reviewing PowerPoint directly but the new or lesser-known tools included with an Office365 subscription.

For this review I’m using Office365 for Business as it affords me full desktop versions of Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneDrive) and the ability to install Office applications on 5 desktop computers, 5 tablets and 5 phones.

And without further ado, my five favorite tips:

  • Use your familiar tools anywhere

Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive are now available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, making mobile viewing of office documents easy. Online or off, at your desk or on the go, from your PC, Mac, iPad®, Android™ tablet, or phone, you can get to what you need, when and where you need it. Generally speaking, the mobile applications have fewer features than their desktop counterparts, but are perfect for a quick view or edit of existing content.

How would I use it?

  1. Work on a PowerPoint deck online on your tablet (from the beach)
  2. Review slides on your phone on the plane for quick feedback





Once PPTXtreme add-ins are installed, when saving files to your OneDrive folder hitting Shift-Ctrl-S on an open PowerPoint file sends you to a Windows File Explorer window bypassing the useless Save-as landing page Microsoft sends you to by default.

No more useless landing pages with pptXTREME tools

  • Store and sync files simply

1TB of storage is included with your subscription. With OneDrive baked into the suite it’s easy to add files and sync them to the cloud. You always have the latest version of files on any device. Your files are always up to date, so everyone has access to the latest version.

How would I use this?

  1. Share files in your OneDrive folder from anywhere to anyone from any linked device (send “desperately needed” files to a co-worker from your phone during “show”)
  • Collaborate, efficiently

You can simultaneously edit presentations in the .pptx or .ppsx file format that are located on Windows Live or OneDrive. With the synced presentation open on your computer, you can see who else is editing the presentation, who is editing a specific slide, and when updates from other authors are available on the server.

Is your mind blown yet?!?!

Magic? Not quite. Here’s the nitty gritty.

When you save your changes to the server, any updates from other authors are automatically refreshed in the open presentation. Updates from other authors are refreshed automatically only if they don’t conflict with changes that you made. If you and another author both change the same item, then a conflict may occur. If a conflict occurs, you are prompted to review the conflict and accept or reject the change. Or you can set a preference to always be asked whether you want to review all changes.

How would I use this?

  1. One person can make a template change and another person can delete periods and bullet points from slides, AT THE SAME TIME!
  • Apps apps and more apps

You may have seen the news: “Microsoft’s new app lets you control Powerpoint presentations with your Android device”. It’s true, with Office Remote, you can start your PowerPoint presentation, advance the slides, see your speaker notes, and control an on-screen laser pointer with a touch of your finger — all from your phone. Microsoft is making its software cross platform, ALL platforms and in doing so making things possible that didn’t seem feasible only a year ago. I anticipate more apps like this and can’t wait to see the functionality to come.

How do I use this?

  1. In a pinch, from my phone, I can run a PowerPoint presentation from a laptop I can’t physically reach. I can “jump” to a slide on Graphics 6 at the end of the table without hurting myself or knocking over my coffee
  • PowerPoint, no application necessary
    Although related to number one in this ordered list, this one feature has come in handy the most for me. Your subscription comes with an online version of PowerPoint. It is a full featured version that resides on the cloud. No desktop application or portable app necessary. Keep files in OneDrive and do real work on files from ANY computer with a browser and internet connection, workstations everywhere.

How do I use this?

  1. I can edit and work on files from my Mother’s house without having to bring a workstation or laptop

Thanks to “The Cloud” Microsoft has managed to deliver some interesting capabilities to the already powerful Office suite. The ability to work anywhere on any device is an amazing convenience and live collaboration on files can remove version control issues and sharing problems associated with presentation development workflows. The obvious challenge here is that more presentation developers and designers need to be using these tools to make them most useful.

Next time, a similar review of the sharing and collaboration tools available in the Adobe CS 2015 Suite.

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