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Although PowerPoint is the leading presentation software, many of its basic functions require multiple mouse clicks, typing, and manual reformatting that waste time, reduce productivity, and are just plain annoying to use.

Until now! With the pptXTREME suite of add-in tools, PowerPoint tasks that once required several steps to complete can now be done quickly and easily in just a few clicks. You’ll increase productivity and creativity while saving time, effort, and frustration. All pptXTREME plug-ins seamlessly integrate with the PowerPoint Ribbon, Shortcut Bar and right-click Menus, or install your own shortcut bar, for quick and easy access to the time-saving tools you need.

Once you start using pptXTREME’s add-ins, you’ll wonder how you ever made a PowerPoint presentation without them!

PowerPoint® ADD-INS designed to make your work quicker, easier and more productive

pptXTREME Photoshop Import

pptXTREME Photoshop Import

Import Photoshop Layers into PowerPoint AND Send PowerPoint shapes to Photoshop effortlessly
pptXTREME Import/Export

pptXTREME Import/Export

Import hundreds of images in seconds
Edit Product

pptXTREME Edit

Saving you hours of time
More Edit Product

pptXTREME More Edit

More time saving features and efficiency tools right at your fingertips
pptXTREME Effects Library

pptXTREME Effects Library

Save & reuse complex animations
Color Picker Product

pptXTREME Color Picker

Pick a color anywhere on your desktop



We know working with PowerPoint® can be a colossal time suck -
check out the biggest lifesaver to PowerPoint® ever.

pptXTREME™ tools save you time, money and - most of all - frustration. It's your choice.
Do it the hard way or accomplish things faster, things you never before thought possible...


With pptXTREME you’re never alone in PowerPoint – check out our FAQ section for answers to all your product questions.

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Bundle & Save

Whether you’re trying to find an exact color or want to import from PhotoShop we have the tools to help make your job easier! Check out our bundle options today.

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We’re here to help make PowerPoint® easier for you. Check out our resource library for all your PowerPoint® needs.

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FREE Trial! Once you’ve used pptXTREME you can’t live without it.

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Jonathan Penzner

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